Most loved earrings from my collection 

We girls love accessories and our undying love for earrings continues. We all own different pairs for different outfits and occasions don’t miss a single opportunity to flaunt our collection.

So here are a some of my favorites from my the pairs I own. 

1. Black feathered earrings 

Black being by favorite color and feathered earrings being my favorite type, this tops my list. It goes well with pretty much any kind of outfit and gives a very boho look which is simple yet pretty.
2. Fur balls 

So the second one on my list are these furry oval shaped earrings which is actually a birthday gift. I am so in love with it, the design and the color is jus beautiful and goes really well with dresses.

3. Oxidized silver jhumkas 

What goes better than jhumkas for an Indian outfit! Heavy jewelry compliments the Indian wear and completes the look. The design of this pair of jhumkas makes it the third in my list.


Hoops never go out of style and these pair of red hoops with a tinge of blue and orange is a retro comeback.  Tied up hair a day hoops! Combination is #goals!

5. Leaf shaped earrings 

Since we all love long earrings this pair of leaf shaped earrings is jus the right choice for a casual day! And the intricate design on it jus adds to the pretty design!
So what do you guys think? Which was your favorite? Like and comment down your favorite one and follow for more such posts. 


Channeling my inner not-so-bad talent

Decorating my room with handmade projects 


Who wants a boring white walled room with nothing interesting on it? Definitely not me! 

So I decided to decorate my room with some wall hangings which I first thought of getting from the store. But then since I was doing nothing but laze around I thought of making some myself, so I could put up whatever I wanted and ended up putting these! They are entirely DIY based and Pinterest is where the ideas came from.


1. IMG_20180113_112033.jpg

To make this all I used is color pencils, sketch pens, cardboards and ice cream sticks which is very easily available. Write down anything you want on the cardboards and make their frames using ice cream sticks (which Is actually a very good alternative to wooden frames) and paint in whatever color you want it and voilà!





Such a convenient method of using newspapers! Now No more stacking up old newspapers and put them into some good use by decorating your room with them!





This is the best item I have made. Ice cream sticks completed the look of this collage and it jus looks so perfect. My main idea was to put up something that would inspire me and this has justified the purpose of the whole DIY project. Make frames of different shapes and colors and put it up how you feel it should be on the wall and there you go!




Color papers, some thread, sketches and glue can make a simple but a great wall decoration! I completely loved it!!

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So all of you must be wondering as to what is the whole point of me starting this blog and I thought that it is necessary for me to tell you what I would love to write about! 

1. Fashion, Style and clothes

To be honest, I am a complete girly-girl who jus loves fashion and clothes! Looking good is jus such an important thing for me so that is why it is the best thing I will be even talking about! I am so looking forward to share my tastes in fashion and get to know yours and I guess it would be a great opportunity for girly talk! XD

For all the tomboys out there, there is more so hang on! 


Now who doesn’t love food? Tasty food is the best thing that ever happened to me. All of us have a foodie in us and I would jus love to share about my favorite cuisines and desserts and so much more! Because Life is jus too short to eat boring food!

3. Songs and all about music

I don’t think anyone on this planet that exists hate music. It is not jus plain chords and notes but an emotion attached to it. It suits all of our mood swings. Headphones on and zone out! One of out favorite things to do. We find our escape route in music and that’s why me being sucha musically inclined person, feel that music is just one amazing thing to write about!

4. Articles

I believe that inspiration can get anyone to write. I love poetry and short stories so if I happen to be writing a poem or a story or anything like that then I’ll definitely love to share it with you because I feel everyone has an opinion and sharing mine is a  really great idea to give my message to others!

So that is what I plan on writing in the blog!

I hope it is interesting enough for you guys to continue reading my work! 




A Starting

Hey you guys! So starting a blog has been on my mind for a pretty long time and after having thought about it I decided,

‘I think it’s a pretty good Idea to put out my thoughts and free my overcrowded mind’

So yeah! Here I am.. Writing stuff which comes to my mind…I love writing and writing to you guys would be a great way to share my tastes in poetry, fashion and much more (lot of stuff I am inclined to)

I hope you guys enjoy reading my work!